The Bicycle Chef blog grew out of a previous blog I had written in 2007 on Yahoo! 360.  I wrote for a year, starting out whining about what to write and why.  Then slowly I began to find my focus by sharing my recipes that I wrote weekly for a cooking class series I taught at Williams-Sonoma  at the Bellevue in Philadelphia.  From there I started taking food photos and I began to carry my digital camera with me everywhere, finding interesting things, street art, bicycles, people, you name it, everywhere.   Then, as now, I wrote about my depression, my new found passion for bicycling and I blogged about my weight loss progress via Weight Watchers.  I kept blogging even though very few people were reading the posts - the blog was that difficult to find!  If I remember it correctly, the address was this long string of labels - http Yahoo360/neenyd03 and some other keywords.   Too bad I didn't start out with Blogger from the very beginning, though The Bicycle Chef name might not have come into being had I started here first.  After 10 months or so at Yahoo! there were rumblings behind the scenes in the blog world that the site was closing and moving over to a social media network style blog or MySpace style site.  That wasn't for me.  I migrated over here and thought about a new blog name.  By this time, biking had become a huge outlet for me and my recipe writing and postings were keeping me busy with several posts a week. Biking and cooking.  I was a chef.  I was an avid cyclist.  I tossed around a few names, but none struck my fancy.  And then it was so obvious what the name should be - what it had to be.  My food photography was expanding.  My digital camera and my Flickr site were getting a serious work out.  In January 2008, I posted my first recipe called Bibbity Bobbity Boo; The Bicycle Chef was born. 

Feel free to poke around the site.  Type in a food or ingredient name into the search bar - you never know what recipe or post will appear.  Click on the tag cloud; as you can see some tags are more prevalent than others.  Pumpkin, cooking, recipes - are frequently used tags.  A recipe index page is in the work, which will make it easier to find all of the recipes I've posted during the past 4 years.  Look at the archives too - I've been slowly (painstakingly) adding my Yahoo!360 blog posts.  

If you like what you see here, LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK - The Bicycle Chef and/or follow me on Twitter via @TheBicycle_ChefTheBicycle_Chef  You may also find you enjoy the other blogs I follow or you can view the over 3,000 photos I have on my Flickr feed.  Lastly, leave comments!  I love feedback and welcome comments, praise, ideas and yes, sometimes criticisms - especially if it's constructive.  Who knows, one of you may just get a prize or special treat for being a follower or for leaving a comment.  

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