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The Bicycle-Chef at the Farmers' Market

UPDATED: March 2014  I've been teaching cooking classes in Collingswood, New Jersey,  since we moved here December of 2011.  AT first I was working at  ExtraordinaryEd - a learning and education center on Haddon Avenue in downtown Collingswood.  Then I got involved at The American Table located at 740 A Haddon Avenue.   Over the past two summers I've occasionally done  demonstrations at the Collingswood Farmers' Market.  This winter, I taught a Knife Skills class, hands-on, to 20 attendees, at Greensgrow Farm in Philadelphia. I'm the chef that gets around in town and in the country!

I'm sad that the gig at ExtraordinaryED didn't quite work out. Their concept of learning is cool, working on the idea of a drop in learning center.  I'm even in a video for ExtraordinaryEd - check out the YouTube Channel Here!  We filmed the video during the summer of 2012 and it was a lot of fun.  I got to do a quick demonstration of a knife skills class as well as talk about what I do and why I love the center so much.
Knife Skills set up
In addition to being the "spokes person and face" of ExtraordinaryED, I also had the chance to do a live television cooking demonstration for Talk Philly CBS3's noon-time talk show.  I did a demonstration with Ukie Washington, on what to do with your Thanksgiving Left-overs.  It was a 3-minute segment, for which I spent over 3 days and countless hours preparing!  Writing and tweaking recipes, shopping, and then cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal, so I could use the left-overs in new and clever ways.  Fun times. Check out my television debut in the video here!

Moving onto better and bigger venues, I sometimes work at The American Table - where I've taught a  more than a half-dozen classes and have hosted The Collingswood Food Swappers inaugural food swap.  I've also taught at Greensgrow Farm, located in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.  Here's a link to a post about this wonderful urban farm and my experience visiting the farm.

I hope to be teaching in New Jersey and Philadelphia throughout the year.  I also do private parties, catering events and other cooking demonstrations.  Interested in hosting a ladies night out? Want to learn how to make home made pasta? I'm your chef!

All the classes I teach are fun and informative - I send you home with a newsletter, full of recipes and tips.  No worries, you won't have to remember everything you learned, you'll have a reminder of what we covered in each class.  Stay tuned here or follow along at my 2 Facebook Pages for upcoming events and schedules - The Bicycle-Chef on Facebook is here and The Collingswood Food Swappers is here!

The Bicycle-Chef's ride - sometimes I even haul all of my class needs on this bike!

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