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Regular readers of this blog may know that I moved from Philadelphia to South Jersey - Collingswood to be specific.  Since we are experiencing a mild, warm winter, my thoughts of fancy are turning to biking.  I usually start my cycling season in April, but I may be persuaded to start riding earlier if this early Spring Weather holds. 

I'm sad to not be able to ride in Philadelphia on a regular basis with The SueCrew, the group of women and one wonderful guy with whom I spent the past few seasons riding.  Even though I'm only 8 miles from Center City, I think it will be very difficult to get up earlier than 5:30 am, get ready and get into the city to meet the crew at 6:30 am beyond once a week.  So I'm putting out a proposal to anyone in the South Jersey, specifically Collingswood, Westmont, Haddonfield, even Merchantville area - COME RIDE WITH ME!  

I would love to form a crew of women riders and non-competitive men, who are serious about cycling but not so serious that there's no joy and passion in our sport.  I'm getting out of shape and I need some motivation and support.  All ages, abilities and bikes are welcome.  My plan is to form a small group of riders, from 2 to 6 people for regular morning rides in and around the Cooper River area and beyond.  I'd love to meet up and ride in the morning before work, meeting at 6:15 or 6:30 and riding 20 miles or so, about an hour and a half.  Morning rides are a way to start the day off energized and engaged.  The regular commitment builds strength, muscles, and a bond amongst each other through the shared experience and right and left brain activity.

Currently, I can sustain a 20 mile ride, biking at a speed between 13-15 miles per hour - all depending on weather and levels of fitness conditions.  Are you interested? Do you know someone who would like to join the group?  We'll start out slow and build as the season progresses.  I did it once before, getting in shape starting out at ground zero, a former couch potato to becoming a sprint triathlete.  While no crew can replace my beloved SueCrew of friends and partners, I want to be able to continue biking, share my knowledge and love the sport and learn new things from new friends.  

Please feel free to share my information with anyone you know who might be interested; Email me or even comment here.  I can be reached at   I'm also on Facebook -  and Twitter @TheBicycle_Chef

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