Diner en Blanc and Pop Up Galas

As we are entering the 4th season of the Dinning outside Pop Up Galas, Diner in White events, Diner en Blanc, et al, I am moved to share some of me previous posts and articles on this topic.

I've written at least 6 posts as well as 2 guest posts/articles for other blogs and online columns.  I have attended 3 Diner en Blanc Philadelphia events - about to help with my 4th year for #DEBPHL15, and we will be attending our 3rd annual Collingswood Pop Up Gala in September.  I've got this thing down pat!

If you are new to the flash mob-esque scene of the White Dinner Party spectacles, here are some links to read/check out.  I have lots of photos, videos, ideas, and insight to what works and why there were years that were better than others: go with the flow, try to meet up with your friends, and remember the mantra, LESS IS MORE!

Year 1 - Diner en Blanc hits Philadelphia: 


Year 1 - A video of the crazy dancing that I created, with a sound track, Dancing in the Dark:


Year 2 - A comparison and contrast of Diner en Blanc and Collingswood's Pop Up Gala:


Year 3 - I was a guest blog poster for the official Diner en Blanc Philadelphia website and blog, and it was also picked up by Aversa PR: 


LINK TO THE ACTUAL POSThttps://dinerenblancphiladelphia.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/diner-en-blanc-philadelphia-guest-blogger-denine-r-gorniak-blogger-of-www-thebicycle-chef-com/

Year 3 - Collingswood's Pop Up Gala Coverage - I was interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer, to discuss the Collingswood gala, and why it differs from the DEB event.  Here's my story, along with the interview:


Year 3 - DEPHL14 - Third Time Is THE Charm!  Our party on Broad Street was a Spectacular Spectacle!


Pop Up Gala Tips for The Uninitiated: - NJ Pen, an online news source.  I was asked to guest write a column and I also provided photos from previous events. 


Philadelphia Magazine featured some photos of the Collignswood Pop Up Gala, and our table was one of the featured photos:



  1. Gorgeous place, I just went here with someone. The Chicago event space itself was beautiful and spacious, the seats were comfortable and wide. From where I was sitting at least, the views were great. I think the music really did a great job of filling up the space.

  2. This is an outstanding venue, with great and thoughtful staff, and a fantastic chef. The location of event venues Chicago is well situated. We has been delighted to host our annual event at this location for the past few years, and the space has been perfect for our group of roughly 300.


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