Updated: April 11, 2016:  Coming Soon! Our 3rd Anniversary Food Swap and Pot - Mid May 2016

The Details: 
You Make It, You Bring It! - Food, Goods, Home made balms, lotions, foraged foods, plants, crafts, home-brews, infused boozes.  Plus, bring a dish or dessert to share at the barbecue.  

3:00 - 3:30 pm - Arrive, check-in, grab your name tag, and set-up your items/swap sheet(s). 
3:30 - 4:00 pm - Scope out all the other goods, SAMPLE!, and make your offers for the items you want to swap. Take note of the items you really want and who they belong to (this will come in handy later!).  Meet some new friends!
4:00 - 4:30pm - An announcement will be made to return to your items and take about 5 minutes to review your swap sheets. Decide which swaps you want to do and come up with your game plan.  
Please do not make any swaps until an announcement is made!
4:30 - 5 pm - Denine, the organizer, will announce "SWAP TIME".  Find the people/goods you want and swap!  (This usually only takes a few minutes once the action starts!)
5:00 pm - Pack up, clean up and chit chat.  If you have any items left over, see who may want to do an impromptu swap!

5:00 - 6:30 pm - Pot Luck Barbecue.  
How to Participate: Everyone must register for a ticket here.  Registration is free.  Space will be limited at this event.  If you cannot attend after registering, contact us and we will give your spot to someone on the waiting list.  All items must be homemade, homegrown or foraged.  You can bring all the same item or several different items.  
For additional tips on attending, please visit and  You can also look at past events photos on our Facebook page for tip and ideas. 
Swapping Ideas: baked goods, granola, farm fresh eggs, backyard fruit/veggies, infusions, extracts, breads, sauces, dressings, jams, canned items, pickles, herbs, spices, home brews, honey, pizza dough, etc!  You can also do kitchen-made non-edibles such as lotions, balms, and cleaners. 
 Some Rules and Notes:
  • All swaps are 1-for-1, no money is exchanged - PLEASE ABIDE BY THIS RULE!!
  • Package your items so that the quantity is clear and items can be inspected/handled      (samples are encouraged)
  • All canned items being swapped must be from the 2014-2015 season.
  • INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR ITEM! Does it have to be fridgerated? Is it shelf-stable?  What's the best way to enjoy it?  It's also nice to know who made the item in case you have questions later (Put your name on it). 
About the Venue:
  • We will be at  - a private home.  Please respect their home as you would your own
  • The event will be held outdoors
  • Bring a table if you can, only a few will be on hand
  • Parking is available, but it is a residential area
  • Guests are welcome! - Please register them!

Legal Stuff:  By registering and participating in the swap you agree to the following:
    You are acknowledging that the food items being shared are not necessarily prepared in commercial kitchens or spaces inspected by any government agency.
    You are also acknowledging that you will use the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in food preparation.
    You assume all liability; specifically, you agree to not hold liable food swap hosts, swap venue owners/providers, or other swap participants.

The Collingswood Patch included us as part of the 2013 Collingswood Year in Review!  From a simple idea that started in mid-April 2013 to our very first swap in May, the group has grown to include over 300 followers; we hosted 7 swaps; attended dozens of other swaps; and made countless jars of canned goods, packages of baked goods, and over a dozen bottles of infused bourbon. I'm honored to have be a part of a vital part of the home-made goods way of life!

This venture a food-related off-shoot of my favorite things: Food and Parties.  Modeled on the idea of a cookie exchange, a food swap is a modern hip twist on an old-fashioned event, but with better food, friends and lots of fun.  I attended my first food swap in April of 2013 (read about it here) and loved the event so much that I decided to host one of my own.  Interest has been great; the party I hosted was such success (read about that here) that I was encouraged by the community of Collingswood Facebookers to make this a reoccurring happening. While I am admittedly a legend in my own mind, given to exaggeration for the sake of a funny story, the response I've gotten was positively tremendous.  I was even contacted by my town's local newspaper, The Retrospect, interviewing me about our event. 
There is a dedicated Facebook page called  Collingswood Food Swappers which details events and happenings.  Follow along here for updates. The June 2013 event, held on June 25th, at The American Table on Haddon Avenue was a wild success.  We were video interviewed by Matt Skouflas of the Collingswood Patch.  

Questions? Leave a comment or contact us on our Facebook page:


Release form: Please note that you will need to sign a release form in order to attend. Copy the release form below; Print it out; Sign, and bring it with you to the swap. 

Please print and fill out this form (necessary to attend):
I am aware of the risks of participation, which include, but are not limited to, acquiring hand crafted goods not necessarily prepared in licensed kitchens or factories. I understand that participation in this event is strictly voluntary, and I freely chose to participate.
I, and my heirs, in consideration of my participation in the _______________ ___________ swap, hereby release and hold harmless Collingswood Food Swappers, __________________ and their founders and members, venues, and any other people officially connected with this event, from any and all liability for damage to or loss of personal property, sickness or injury from whatever source, legal entanglements, imprisonment, death, or loss of money, which might occur while participating in this event.
In signing this release, I acknowledge and represent that I have read the foregoing Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.
_____________________________________ Name (sign)
_____________________________________ Name (print)
_____________________________________ Date


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