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I'll let you in on a little secret: I have 2 other blogs.  

Nibblet News is for our son, Nate.  I started it when he was born, 4 years ago.  I haven't been keeping it up to date lately, one of the hazzards of wanting to do too much and not having the time and energy to blog more.  I may take it down as I sometimes feel it has outlived its usefulness.  Posting on Facebook also keeps friends and family near and far up to date on Nate's goings-on.  Then again the blog is a nice way to keep an electronic modern day "baby" book or journal.

The Onion Girl is my other blog and is a far more serious endeavor, which I started about two years ago.  It too suffers from not enough postings, though I want to write more, I just don't make myself blog on it enough. It's all the posts (and future posts) that deal with the darker side of my life.  The abuse I suffered, my depression, my anger.  I've also been posting photos of my journal pages.  Not an original idea; it's one I've borrowed from a friend who borrowed it from another blogger. Great idea starter for writing as well as for readers get a little deeper into what I'm trying to say.  Lately, The Onion Girl blog has become a weekly record of my daily photos.  It's a nice outlet for all the photos I take every day.  The blog has slowly taken on focus into being more of a photo journal.  Blathering on about personal stuff seems dull to me these days...

In addition to all of my blogging, I'm a prolific Facebook-er, with a page dedicated to The Bicycle-Chef.  You can find it and "LIKE" it via this link here.  I post photos on a daily/weekly basis to my photo host - Flickr, Instagram and to the above blog as I mentioned. I take hundreds of photos and post most of them to these photo servers.  Should you be so inclined, my Flickr Handle is TheBicycleChef or you can look for me under Denine Gorniak.  Check out the photos via this link here.  I use Instagram  - my handle is TheBicycleChef

Lastly, I have created a YouTube video page for some of my videos that I've created and posted on this blog, on Nibblet News and on Facebook.  My YouTube Channel is under DenineGorniak and can be viewed via this link here!

I have a rolling list of blogs that I read and like, in addition to some great blogging friends.  If you are looking for other great reads, interesting ideas, and a change of pace, check out these blogs.  I'd also love suggestions - for posts, recipes, photos, or other blogs for me to check out!

Tinsel and Tine - by my good friend, LeAnne.  It's a blog dedicated to film and food, both independently as well as the combined medium and entertainment. by my friend, Barbara.  She's a fantastically funny lady, who happens to be in her 60's (though she looks so awesome, you'd think she's decades younger).  She writes pithy observations about life, her upbringing, art, and politics.  She also writes with a deft hand, stories about her abusive childhood.  Serious without being maudlin.

Style Maniac - by fellow blogging pal, Doreen.  She writes about fashion, for the home and body, as well as makes fun videos showcasing food, cooking and entertainment.

Pegs Presents and Madness Mom and Me - another blogger friend, Lee, has been writing a blog all about her crazy Italian-American Family and their life growing up in South Jersey.   She likes to post bits of Italian Phrases and lore, in addition to poignant stories about her mother, Peg.  Pegs Presents is a charity Lee created in honor of her mother. 

CameronDaisy - My friend, Michele, had 2 blogs and then her husband, Fabrizio, died rather suddenly in May of 2013 (yes, less than a year ago).  She stopped blogging but recently told me she started a new endeavor.  I think she'll be chronicling her life through photography and as seen through the eyes and healing presence of her two rescue dogs, Esmerelda and Sam.

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  1. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that I took down Summer is Fleeting, and I have a new blog that has taken me months to create, but is just so very new. You helped me frame my "tag line" with your description above, THANK YOU! Here's to my "next chapter. XOXOXO


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