This blog is primarily about cooking and biking with several side orders of other topics of interest to me.  I cook, I bike, I take tons of photos of urban city images and found art; I love baseball and The Phillies.  I'm a mom to a young boy. And oh, yeah, I'm on a mission to  cook and eat healthy and to share my weight loss and exercise experiences with others.  I truly believe that anyone can make positive life changes and stick with them as long as you try, start and pick yourself up if you fall off that wagon and start anew.  

How I started biking on the road to wellville: On 7/31/07 I set forth to become a healthier person. At age 40, I had a jolting wake up call about my life. I was over 70 pounds overweight, diagnosed with the beginnings of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetic. With a family history of heart disease and diabetes I knew I was facing a shortened life. I joined Weight Watchers that night. The next day, I started to eat and cook healthier and I began bike riding in earnest. Within a month I lost 15 pounds and my medical numbers and stats improved. Each month thereafter my blood pressure decreased and my doctor became more amazed with my weight loss and determination. Since that time I have lost over 50 pounds and found my inner athlete. While my weight has fluctuated from 60 to 75 pounds total pounds lost, I am still determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I've completed three triathlons, the SheRoxTri, and I am a cyclist. I am a trained chef and former caterer  passionate about food. It is my mission to cook simple and healthy meals that look and taste great.   Photography and food writing are other passions of mine. Join me at my table while I dish up some tasty stories about life, biking and cooking in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

You can contact me at denine . thebicyclechef @ gmail . com (w/out the spaces inbetween of course or phonetically spelled out: denine (dot) thebicyclechef (at) gmail (dot) com  


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