What's new at the Farmers' Market?

I spied with my little eye: A lovely shopper with a gorgeous bike filled with fresh produce. Rather than do a complete "sneak" photo, I spoke to the shopper & we talked about her nice bike.  Her name is Alex, and she was a gracious market-goer.  Her basket was filled with radishes, lettuces and blueberries.  Her bike and the strong basket, which looks like wicker, but is really a plastic-coated wire, is from the Erleton Bicycle Shop in the Cherry Hill, NJ area.  It's a new bike that's got a retro look to the Raleigh line of bikes.

I also saw the Market Manager, David Hodges, ALWAYS in his red shirt & cap - he was testing the new ATM Machine located Mid-Market, behind the CWFM Tent and Veggie Valet.  Yes! We have an ATM. So if you forgot your cash and worry that the vendors where you wish to shop won't take a credit card, fear not!  We gotcha covered! If all goes well, the cash machine, aka, a MAC Machine for us old skool devotees, runs via a wifi unit and is plugged into an outlet set up at the market.  I hear that the big guy is actually the one who brings this machine to the market each week.  He's always on the lookout for ways to improve the shopping experience at the Farmers' Market.

So grab that bike, hook up your basket and pannier racks and set forth to the Collingswood Farmers Market​ on Saturday and buy LOCAL!


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