Living Well with Pat Nogar and The Bicycle-Chef!

Here's a very small sneak preview of a television cooking show segment on which I was so honored to be involved this past Monday, November 14th. I was one of three guest chef/event planners, on Patricia Nogar's program, Living Well with Pat Nogar.  The show will air in December, on the Township of Lower Merion's cable access channel as well as on their website.  It will also be available on Patricia Nogar's​ YouTube Channel - Living Well with Pat Nogar​.

The table set up for a shot featuring, Pat, and the three guest chefs

Camera man and producer, Mark

Pat Nogar, setting up the background with Holiday decor

Josh and Pat, trying to hang up a holiday wreath

Chef Denine - The Bicycle-Chef, in the kitchen before our shoot.
The theme of the show was holiday foods and memories.  Pat asked me to share a stuffed cabbage recipe, aka galumpki's, a Polish Family Favorite.  She also ask me to have on hand Crushiki, fried ribbons of dough covered in a blizzard of powdered sugar.  Both recipes, which I will be posting soon, were given to me by my good friend who is like family, Lynnette Nagel. I didn't get my Polish Babci's recipes even though I do have fond memories of eating her food in my childhood.  Lynnette is much more connected to her heritage than I am, so I turned to her for assistance.  I remember going to Lynnette's house one time and she pulled out all the stops for us - and galumpkis were a highlight of her weekend's menus for my family.  Having her share with me her mother and grandmother's cherished family recipes was incredibly generous.  It's all about creating new food memories and keeping traditions alive.
The cabbages we stuffed on the tv shoot - looking prettier and brighter under the house lights!

Pat Nogar - doing a live feed on facebook, showing off my final version of the galumpkis
More will be posted about this event - along with the recipes and some other photos.  I had a fantastic time being a part of this show and really enjoyed meeting the folks who create the tv magic.  Thank you Pat!


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