Philly Gay Pride Parade 2016

While too many people were grappling with the senseless murder of our LGTBQ families in Orlando,  this past Sunday, June 12, 2016, folks in Philadelphia were out in full force at the Philly Gay Pride Parade.

It feels weird to post this video, sharing out fun and fabulousness and yet we do live on and live proudly. It sickens me to see where our country is going politically, having the flames of hatred and oppression fanned by bigots and fear-mongers.  I am disgusted with what's happening with so much hatred in the world.  We have too little gun control or practically no sensible gun laws.  Where's the ban on semi-automatic weapons? Why do we even need such a gun outside of a war zone? Our schools, clubs, and religious institutions are not war zones - they should be and MUST BE SAFE ZONES.

I mourn the loss of lives in Orlando. I mourn, yet again, another mass killing of innocent people.  Our LGTBQ Community and I shall stay committed to living life with as much love and spirit as we can muster. #LoveAlwaysWins #LoveWins


  1. Love doesn't win, Denine, because it's not about winning. Love rejects all notion of winning and losing. It simply persists, selflessly, gratefully. Sometimes it parades in glorious full congratulatory light; sometimes it has to burn darkly in shadow. Either way, it's more patient than hatred and waits until the hateful have consumed themselves. It will outlast whatever tries to bury it. But that's not winning. It's a triumph that only benefits and costs nothing at all.

    1. good points David. We persist and we live on, hopefully in love and light. I still think that Love Wins - we won on the Supreme Court decision of last year, after much persistence and patience, as you say!


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