Gorniak goes for Gold - Guest Blogger Post

LeAnne always does a #CinemaSneakInSnack at her movies, so I followed suit.
I stopped for pizza beforehand and ate it at the restaurant, but brought dessert to the movies.  Pizza was meh, dessert was terrible, but the movie was a delight!
I was asked to be a guest blogger for my friend, LeAnne, of TinselTine.com  She couldn't attend a movie screening of, City of Gold, ( #CityofGoldDoc ) a documentary about LA Times Food Writer, Jonathan Gold.  LeAnne had a premier screen pass to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and she didn't want to miss it.  I can hardly blame  her what with it being touted as the epic superhero action flick of the spring season.  Although Tinsel and Tine is a blog dedicated to both FOOD and Film, LeAnne couldn't be in two places at once.  It was sort of a Foodie Doc vs Action Flick kind of mash up.  I'm glad I got to step in to "save the day".  I'm the Super-Momma in love with all things food-related, and LeAnne is the Knightess of film reviews.  We make a great food and film writing team.

As much as I would love to share my review here on my blog, it would serve no purpose for my guest  posting if I did.  Instead I will kindly direct your attention to LeAnne's blog so you can read it there.  Unsurprisingly, I have a lot to say!  LeAnne did an excellent job with editing my thoughts.  I sure wish I could figure out a way to be a more clear writer, taking inspiration from Jonathan Gold's gonzo journalist style.  

Read on and let me know your thoughts.  If any of you have seen the movie, I'd love to know what your impressions were.  Here's the link to my view:  http://www.tinseltine.com/2016/04/gorniak-goes-for-gold-city-of-gold.html


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