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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Food and Film: The Hundred-Foot Journey

A few weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to go to the movies, in a real movie theater! It's a big deal for me because I've seen about 3 movies in a theater since our son was born nearly five years ago.  In my foot-loose and fancy-free days, I used to go to the movies weekly and I would often go to film festivals, seeing two movies in one sitting.  I remember days of doing a double feature, back when you could - but it wasn't so far back that the double feature cost a nickle or a dime! I"m old, but not that old! 

Planning a trip to the movies is an ordeal and an expense.  Tickets cost a fortune, then there's paying a baby sitter.  And DON'T even get me started on the rudeness of movie-going patrons. Talking. Texting. Cellphone lights. Ugh.  I prefer the comforts of my own home, knowing what's in my popcorn and not having gross sticky floors to walk upon; unless Nate spilled juice...

My friend, LeAnne, of the blog,, mentioned on Facebook that she had the chance to see and review two films on the same day - The Hundred-Foot Journey and Get on Up, the James Brown bio-pic.  She wanted to see both because the former film speaks to the blog's brand; the later film speaks to her heart!  I offered to see The Hundred Foot Journey in her place. A food movie, set in France, with interesting cultural clashes and cuisines.  A movie custom cut for me.

My thoughts and review of the movie, along with a recap of the panel discussion that took place after the movie are all on LeAnne's blog.  I hope you'll all wander over there to read it. You can find the link right here! Leanne's blog is a fantastic place to land.  she has the most unique voice and honest approach to her reviews.  Plus she's witty and engaging.  LeAnne and I go back over 20 years now - I wrote about her in a post last November, as part of a group of blogger friends' Follow Friday series. 

Go read my review.  I'm saving the choicest parts for you at! FoodieFilm: The Hundred-Foot Journey

UPDATE!: 8/13/14 - Leanne submitted eh post to BlogHer, a blog website for women bloggers, with all sorts of ranging topics and blogs.  We were the guest post blog on today's site!

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  1. We need help dealing with all the stresses of life. And help is there in form of movies. In short, we go to the movies to get a lube, brake check and wheel alignment for our souls.


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