Guest Posting for Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

 I've been asked to do a guest post for Diner en Blanc Philadelphia.  The post is now up - so I'm redirecting your attention to their blog for today.  Take a gander! I"m so excited!  And I'll be writing, tweeting, filming lots about this year's event, which will take place on Thursday, August 21st.  I'm a table leader this year, so while I still won't have any idea about the secret location, I'll have tons of inside scoop on the party once it happens!  Stay tuned!

My guest post - all about solving the mystery of the secret location:

UPDATE!: 8/13/14 - I happened to find that the blog post is also on Philly Focus - a blog and website devoted to happenings in Philadelphia.  It's run by Aversa PR Events - Kory Aversa.  Nice to have my stuff being posted around the town!


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