1 Year of Food Swapping

In early April I attended the Philly Swappers Food Swap Event, at The Reading Terminal Market.  It was a year ago that I first attended their event, also at The Reading Terminal.  What a year it's been!  Attended at least 4 other groups swaps. Started my own food swapping club. Hosted 6 swapping events of my own and we are about to celebrate our 1st year anniversary as a group.  My health may have gone to pot, my depression is back in full force, I can't ride a bike, I stiffen up if I sit too long, I'm over-weight, again, but man! at least my food swapping life is great! What we do as Collingswood Food Swappers is wonderful.  Granted, when I say, WE, I suppose I'm truly talking about my way of bringing people together and making connections.  And that's the stuff I love - bringing people together. 

In a few days, I will be celebrating 1 year of swapping as Collingswood Food Swappers.  There will be a food swap/pot luck barbecue to commemorate the occasion, right back at the scene where it all started, at the Top Gun Abode!  I'm very proud of what I've done to become a part of the Collingswood Community.  I get excited that I am able to bring people together, create these party events and open up peoples eyes and tastes to new food horizons.  Now if I could only make a paying career out of this...

Food Swaps are bigger than I ever realized when I attended my first event.  I had no idea that the desire to connect over food and drink, and by larger extent, through the myriad of swaps stuff that has been traded at my events, beers, infused spirits, hand-made potions and crafted items, would cause such a stir of excitement to so many different kinds of people from all over the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area.  If I were to take one thing away from what I've learned this past year from doing food swaps it's this, people want to connect and the best way to make a connection is across the table, sharing a meal and stories. 


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