Scenes from a Mardi Gras Party

I attended an amazing Mardi Gras party at the home of one of my Collingswood friends, last weekend (Saturday, March 1st).  Even though I had been sick, I went the the soiree and had a GREAT time.  Drank a lot and felt it the next morning.  Ate a ton of crawfish and not much else, though I had eaten earlier in day, so I wasn't exactly starving at the time of the party.  Looking back at the photos, I wish I had partaken in some of the glorious foods.  I drank too many Hurricane punch drinks and Jack and Cokes instead!

Plenty of fun and photo opportunities and chances to catch up with some of my Collingswood friends without kids in tow.  This was an evening sorely needed.  The only thing to have made it better was if Liz could have joined me.  She had to work at an all night rehearsal.  Ah, the life of a two "career" family with kids...


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