Towards more mindful eating

Juicing with a Magic Bullet
 The winter in the North East of the country has taken quite a toll on almost everyone I know.  The never-ending Polar Vortex; 30 some inches of snow; and 8 missed days of work due to snow days; pot holes becoming so huge and fierce that they've swallowed whole trucks.  It is a crazy, cold, depressing winter.  Add in my recovery from a hysterectomy and battling mild-flu-like symptoms and recurring colds, well, it sure is the winter of my discontent.  It is little wonder that I'm struggling with my usual seasonal affect disorder depression along with a weight battle.  Liz and I are trying to be more mindful eaters - not quite adopting our Weight Watchers days, but trying hard to get back to that clean eating mind-set.
Super Juice - Orange, Apples, Shredded Carrots, Parsley and a splash of Apple Cider
Cutting out carbs - the breads, cakes, candies, treats and other gluten-rich sugary carbohydrates feels like a near-impossible task.  Liz just starting reading a book called 10 Days to Sugar Detox.  It's hard core: no sugar, grains, beans, alcohol or caffeine for 10 days.  I won't say I can't do it or won't do it, but I'm not so sure I want to do it in such a radical reset your eating clock kind of way.  Then again, one can try almost anything and see how it goes…I have been trying to be more conscious of what I eat and  how much. Along the lines of when we did Weight Watchers back in 2007 through 2009.  I mean, I was successful, losing all that weight.  Which makes me think about how negative I am in my head now and have been for a few years.  I know I'm no different than just about 90% of most women, constantly battling the demon voices in my head that says I hate myself, I'm fat, I'm lazy…If I and other women didn't feel this way, there would be no need for any of the "women's magazines" that clutter the supermarket check out aisle and fill the magazine racks at most hair salons or doctors offices.
Sautéed pork medallions in vermouth, Dijon mustard and herbs with steamed broccoli 
For a few weeks, I did really well and then my resolve wore out.  Starbucks got in a new line of bakery goodies, and for a buck, after 2 pm, you could try the new line of croissants, coffee cakes, and other delectable La Boulange baked goods.  I gave in twice! The treats are not so calorie and fat dense, but still my mindful eating became mindless dessert grazing.  You would think that since I got a diet boost with having the 3 or more pounds of fibroids removed from me that I'd be on my way to a more noticeable weight loss. Nope.  One week I lost another 3 pounds. Then a weekend of being nauseous left me at a weight number I've not seen in more than 3 years.  Of course it was mostly dehydration weight loss! This week, back to my usual number.  What I need to keep in mind is that I have kept over 55 pounds off of my body since March 2008.  That's not too bad.  However, what I tend to think about is the other 20 pounds or so that I had once lost and then put back.  Now I may have only been down 70-75 pounds for a hot minute, and I mostly was down 60 pounds at my best, but I also had a wonderful amount of muscle tone, which is long gone.  I know I can do it again it's just a matter of re-figuring out how...
Soy Sauce Marinated Pork, with braised red cabbage and yellow peppers; sticky brown rice and broccoli.  An easy to make meal that is very satisfying and fairly low-fat.  It's full of fiber and good nutrients.


  1. You seem to be overly hard on yourself. Your operation was one of the more invasive. Procedures any woman can have. It routinely takes up to six months for women to feel right again. Give yourself time to recuperate and recondition.

    Good nutrition will certainly help. Eating foods that you make from scratch is an excellent start. The simple unrefined sugars are OK - lactose & fructose. A lot of good in eating the whole orange, but not much in reconstituted juice. It is probably wise to minimise sucrose products to treat status only.
    As you say, you've done this before, but you were a lot younger, before the adorable but exhausting Nate and before the hysterectomy.
    Imagine a fairly ocker Aussie voice saying "give yourself a break!"

  2. To cut all this out - no sugar, grains, beans, alcohol or caffeine for 10 days, you'd have to put me in a coma.

  3. Leanne, I hear ya! That's what making these choices so hard - cutting out all the stuff you enjoy and eat all teh time. Hard hard hard!


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