Smoothie Queen: Food Gadget Finds

I might now be able to go out and go galavanting just yet, but I sure am enjoying making smoothies. For Christmas I received a Magic Bullet blender.  
Now I know many of you are thinking that I may have watched one too many infomercials (and you'd be correct!). However, my trusty Waring blender died recently and I've been wanting one of these for years. So, justified in allowing myself another kitchen appliance I asked Liz to get one for me. It's just as much fun to use and as easy as seen on tv!  

No, this is not a paid endorsement (though I'd gladly accept payment or other tv gadgets); I'm happy to report it's easy to make healthy smoothies and other chopped or purred goodies. The smoothies we've been making are chockablock full of frozen fruit, spinach, yogurt and or almond milk, coconut flakes, and flax seed.  I need all the iron and fiber I can get these days. 

There's not a recipe to share here, more like ideas and inspiration. I've been filling the large container with yogurt then fruit and the coconut and flax seeds, the add  a generous handful of fresh spinach and a splash of skim or almond milk. Blend, remove and shake, blend again until everything is thoroughly whizzed. Enjoy! 

So, what cool cooking of foodie things did you get for the holiday gifts? And have any of you used the Magic Bullet? I'm curious to know about other's experiences. 


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