Goodbye 2013

It's been a good yet tough year. In so many ways I'm happy to see it just about over. This was a year filled with challenges, new endeavors, health concerns and the loss of a dear loved one.  I haven't been posting much this month as I've been laid up recovering from surgery. I had to have a hysterectomy - not a surprise to me but certainly a shock to my body and well being. I've also been plagued with a back injury since the summer, curtailing all of my bicycle excursions.  These past two weeks I've been too tired to do much other than fiddle with my iPhone and/or post medicine induced stories and rants in Facebook!  
As I've been almost unable to walkabout or go out, due to being physically incapable and so tired, my photo taking has been drastically reduced. However only one day out this week, on a trip to my doctors, I spotted this funny sign in a deli window. Seems as though I can always spot something fun!  

Christmas Day the troops came to our house, friends and family all rallied at our place, with bags of gifts and platters of delicious foods. So blessed!  
While I should have a New Year card, our Merry Christmas card will have to suffice for my end of the year greeting. May you all be blessed with happier times, an interesting life and a great deal of health!  


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