Wednesday Walkabout: Walking Around Philadelphia

A new play - a titular title. I took the photo to post on a friend's Facebook page.
I've been so busy posting recipes that I haven't posted my Wednesday photo series.  I figured that I won't be doing it every Wednesday, but I'd like to have it in my "back pocket" for Wednesdays each month.  I have plenty of photos and ideas! Too many posts to do in any given week!  Straying slightly from my usual route - Rittenhouse Square, I found a few inspiring photos in other parts of the city as I traveled over to Market Street on a recent work errand.  

The above photo was at a bus shelter on Chestnut Street.  I cannot believe SEPTA went for it - but money will buy you just about anything or any space, within reason or in a big city.  I don't know anything about this play and in all likelihood, I won't see it. Not because I don't want to (though I don't) but because I just don't have the time or ability to go see theater these days. Having a four year old will do that to a body... I took the photo for it's shock value and for a friend.  I have a feeling my photo is the best thing about this production...

It was a cloudy over-cast morning when I spotted this magenta rose on an old marble step.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to capture the mood or get a photo that was view-worthy.  I think I did a nice job nevertheless.  Boosting the color and changing the focus made this photo as moody as I wanted.  I love that the newspaper is in the background.

Stickman Walker
A newer (to me) Stickman or Robot Tile.  I love the very 1980's Space Invaders shape of him, along with the black and white of the street as the background.  Stickman tiles aren't popping up as frequently these days.  Whatever artists are making these must be doing their work in other areas or cities.  I've only found 2 new versions of the tiles in the past year.  

St. Bernard Brothers
There's way more to this photo than I could truly capture.  Seeing two (2!) St. Bernard dogs leashed on a major street in Philly in the business district is unusual.  That they are just laying about was intriguing.  So I took a photo.  It was after I snapped the photo that I realized the dogs are owned by a man who has been standing on the corner of 18th and Market Street for over a year, with a sign, asking for a job, not a hand-out.  I didn't feel right about taking his photo.  No need to take advantage of his situation for my personal photo essay.  Besides, I'm sure there are lots of photos of him out there, in addition to many news stories about what he's doing and why.  I remember reading about his story, that he's been unemployed for a few years now; he lives out of his car with the dogs; that he dresses very nicely and stands out on the street every day handing out his resume.  When I saw the guy, he was smoking a cigar and talking to a young woman.  He struck me as a non-well-off Donald Trump type - a knock-off version of The Donald, in a business suit with a shock of blonde hair and a sort-of squinty eye smirk.  
I hope he takes good care of the dogs, and of himself.  No idea why he's still unemployed.  Somewhere in his story, there's a made for tv movie of the week...
2 cents in the gutter ain't worth a dime these days
And as I crossed the street from the dogs and Mr. Trump, I saw two shiny pennies in the gutter.  The lines, the shadows, the fall leaves - all made for a gritty photo.  The ending to a gritty photo walkabout day.


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