Wednesday Walkabout: In the round

A reproduction of a statue/figurine. It's on Locust Street near 13th. It was  once stolen but a good Samaritan returned it after having someone try to "fence" it to him!
For today's weekly photo walkabout - I was going to do photos that were exclusively images of interesting manhole covers I've been finding around town. I see the art and beauty in even the most common place and over looked objects.  As I was about to upload the photos, I saw in my photo album many images that were circular.  Aha! A new theme for today.
A sunflower from my own garden - we could talk philosophy, nature and numbers about the complex design in this ubiquitous Summer Flower.  Can you find the bee busily gathering pollen and nectar?

When I took this photo, my caption was, "Communication is important on any level"

Found these folks on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, as part of an amusement park detail.

Linvilla Orchards - in the kids' playground is a giant tractor tire. It's under the apple tree, so it gets filled with fallen apples.  A little bit of Eve for Adam in the playground.

Please Touch Museum - Alice in Wonderland Exhibit.

Giant skylight window at the Please Touch Museum with the underside of the Statue of Liberty Torch artwork

Simon! A new retro game for kids - reminds me of my toy from the early 1980's!

Another manhole cover - more interesting to me because of the use of the 6 pointed star in the center.  Why? Why the use of a 6 pointed star? Is it a bit of Judaism?  
Logo for a business I spotted in Olde  City on a photo walkabout I did with my bestie

Simple and to the point - and found in every major city in America


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