Wednesday Walkabout: Halloween in Rittenhouse Square

The Devil Made Him Do It - that old goat!
This is a true Wednesday Walkabout.  I actually had another post set to go for today's photo essay, and then I took a quick walk through Rittenhouse Square on my way to the bank, and lo and behold, a photo opportunity!  I may post the other photos as a separate post, but these three finds deserve their own post!  The statues in the Square often are adorned with funny things however, I've never seen all three decorated at the same time.  Clearly the work of one cheeky monkey!  I've posted these in the order in which I found them.  The goat was my first find, and I think, the most clever.  Realizing that the Lady of the Square may also have something on her, I took a peek and sure enough, she's all decked out for All Hallow's Eve.

She's adorned. Looks like a cake topper!
I'll have to add this photo to my collection of Lady of the Square photos.  She's got the pumpkin bucket, and at her feet is a sign that says pumpkin patch and a door hanger, three dimensional Mummy coming out of a haunted graveyard scene. Some orange Halloween "grass" is also there.

Pride of the Den.
 This was a harder photo to capture.  At the lion's feet is a lion mask, and in the center, a tiny pumpkin basket.  I loved the big pumpkin with a witch hat at the back.  I wonder how long any of these decorations will last? Most likely they'll be gone by night.  Glad I happened out when I did - gave me a true photo series taken on the day on which I post!  Happy Halloween - what will you be doing for your trick or treating?


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