More Sights and Frights of Halloween

My "Sorting" Hat
I propped my Halloween Witch hat up on top of my bookshelf, to get it out of the way. After I saw how cool it looked, I snapped a photo and then ran it through a few photo apps to alter the appearance.  Loving this image!  The other photos are all things I took during the season - out at a class trip with Nate and his school; scenes from the neighborhood, some of my favorite pumpkin beer.  It really is the most beautiful time of year.  The light and the colours are perfect for photos and moods!

Lil Pumpkins



The eyes have it!
Flowers in the pumpkin patch

Sweet little dumplings

Green Veins

Orange Perspective

In the Patch
Pumpkin Ale of the Season

Carry on wayward son...


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