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A group of my fellow blogging, tweeting, and Facebook Friends, formally known as The Blogstress Network, have decided that we need to spread the word around social media about one another.  I've written posts before about my girlfriends, most recently in a post about my best day of my Summer Beach Vacation, at a gathering at my friend, Barbara's house in Ocean City (the post is at this link).

Barbara's blog, Zero to Sixty and beyond, is a touching, personal exploration of her life story - sometimes heart breaking, chilling and always written with a deft hand and a fare amount of humor to get her (and the reader) through the darker times.  I met Barbara via my friend, Michele, my best neighbor friend from South Philly (I don't miss much about living in South Philly on my old street, but I sure do miss Michele and our evening walks with our dogs…) Anyway, Michele and Barbara are  friends from way back - there story is heartwarming and heart breaking - as it involves Michele's late husband, Fabrizio and how he and she met at Barbara's annual Super Bowl Party.  

Cut to 2003, and I meet Michele and Fabrizio when they moved in two doors down from my row house at 8th and Moore Street.  Over the years of walking our dogs each night, Michele and I talk about our lives, friends, and how we came to both live on Moore Street.  Along the way, I hear a lot of funny stories about Barbara.  Eventually, I get to meet Barbara.  We hang out; she starts blogging; she creates a network for women bloggers. I get involved and we form our own friendship. It takes a while, as I wanted to be mindful of the friendship of Michele and Barbara.  I didn't want to be the disruptive third wheel in their friendship.

Wow - 10 years has gone by.  I have a son, who's about to turn 4 years old in a week.  We moved out of South Philly just about 2 years ago now, as did Michele and Fabrizio.  We've experienced tremendous losses of important loved ones.  We have gotten older, a bit more grey (but it'll never show…) and we are all still tightly bound to each other, despite the distances, the time, our busy lives.  A friend, Scott, said to me the other day that even though we "see each other's lives on social media, we don't actually talk or connect." I think that in spite of the false intimacy of Facebook, this group of women bloggers does connect in person and in real life.  Not enough but we do more than just "poke" each other.  Which all all takes me back to writing about Barbara, her blog and the network of other bloggers she's fostered like the good mother that she is…See if you stayed with me long enough, I knew I could take it back on track.

Read her blog. Zero to 60 and Beyond Follow her on Facebook at   Make new acquaintances. And for the love of Pete, Mike and whatever G@D you follow, go write a real email or actually pen to paper card to someone today.  That is all.  Thanks!


  1. Denine, this is beyond generous! I value our friendship more than you know. Even as things have changed, some good...too much's these connections that make it all worth while. Thank you so much for the promo!

  2. What a lovely post, Denine! And well deserved for Barb.

    I've always felt the key to The Blogstress Network are the personal, real life connections. So glad it connected us.

  3. Love your description of Zero to Sixty, now it's gonna be hard to be original when it's my turn to feature Barbara, you took all my words :)


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