Walkabout Wednesdays: Horses

You can find a lot of decorative horses all around Philadelphia.  Some things are left over from the days of the horse and buggy - honest! The above, which I think I may have posted once before, are decorative reminders of when horses were tied up to a post, outside of a building.  We have have marble stage coach stands or lifts, at curb-side remaining around town too - I'll have to start snapping photos of those sometime! 
This bas relief horse head is on Delancey Street, around 20th Street.  It's above what is now a parking garage.  My suspicion is that the building was once a very large horse barn, probably owned by the gentry. A home for their horses and carriages. I'll have to do some digging to find out more about this building.
Another horse hitching post.  Found this guy in an alley street, behind Pine Street, along 18th in the Rittenhouse Square area.  The main streets here in Philadelphia, in this part of town, were the homes for the very wealthy.  The smaller side streets and alleyways housed the poorer folks, the workers and help of the main houses, and the livestock - such as the horses.  I find many places around town, especially down side streets that were former carriage houses and barns.
 A decorative window support - found on  another part of a Delancey Street. Perhaps this large home/building was the residence of a horse lover? I remember the first time I actually spotted this fella, a few years ago.  This is a street where I've spent a lot of time and I couldn't believe I had never seen this before. Just proves my point of you never know what you'll find even in areas where you think you know the place well!

And another horse hitching post - found, again, in Center City Philadelphia, in the Rittenhouse Square area.  Must have been a lot of horse trotting up our streets in the 1800 and early 1900's...to say nothing of the manure covering the streets. Phew!


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