Walkabout Wednesdays - Sprinklers

It's no surprise I find beauty and interesting things in the oddest of places.  Along my wanderings around Center City Philadelphia, I love to see how many unusual old building features still exist.  Throughout the past year and a half, I've begun to notice NIGHT DEPOSIT Drop Boxes and signs, interesting sprinkler systems and stand pipes as well as other forgotten or seemingly dull architectural details.  It started with noticing hearts on sprinkler stand pipes - a quirky emblem stamped on the top of some of the pipes.  Then I began to notice things placed in or on the sprinklers.  When you start paying attention you can find all sorts of similar stuff everywhere.  

This little series of sprinkler and stand pipes is a photographic case study in point - the outdoor sprinkler and stand pipe as table, trash receptacle or just plain INTERESTING.  This series of photos was mostly taken in one day, in a walk from 16th and Locust to 18th and Spruce, less than a 4 block walk.  It started with the 1st photo, from a week ago; I added four more with similar thematic ideas.  If I walked around a bit more I could add another dozen to the essay.

Who leaves fruit on top of a sprinkler? Apparently a few people see fit to leave their produce behind.  Or stuff trash into the open holes. Or use the top as an outdoor cafe table...
Is that a banana or is it wet in here?
Cherry Coke is da bomb!

No more Iced Coffee

Moss Mouth
This sprinkler is actually one of my favorite finds - not for the sprinkler but for the mossy pipe underneath.  I have a photo of it from a year ago.  The mossy pipe caught my eye - it was vibrant green, dripping water and it seemed writhing and alive.  Kind of scary but also truly beautiful.



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