Beach time

Thought I'd take a moment to try out blogging via my new iPhone while on the beach. A sort of dual purpose bragging post!  I'm thoroughly enjoying both the new phone and all it's art photo and online applications as well as being. Away to kick back and relax. 

We haven't been "doing" much of anything which IS the point of vacation after all. My leg is still gimpy, going on two weeks now so it makes it hard to stand, walk and bike any distances. Mostly we are all enjoying the downtime and trying to keep our boys, both 3 1/2 years of age from having too many toy melt downs!  Nate, my son, is not used to shark g his toys so having cousin Dylan around all the time is his personal challenge. Ah, first world and kid problems!  

More posts in food and other finds will be forthcoming. In the mean time  enjoy my photographic offerings!


  1. Glad you're loving your IPhone! I'm really happy to have my EVO back. An expensive lesson, but I shouldn't have changed phones until I did some research. Or I should have taken it back before the 14 day return policy ran out. Don't anyone ever get the Sprint Flash unless you just don't really care about smartphones.

    I can't find your other beach pics on this post?

    Hope your leg starts improving fast. Sea air and salt heals a lot!


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