Back in Business

I'm not sure how long my blog address was redirecting readers to a third party search engine, but I'm back again!  Whew! Thanks to my moral and spiritual and bicycle guide, Susan Hill, I learned today that my blog address had gone missing.  I spent a harrowing (mild exaggeration) couple of hours here trying to figure out what had happened.  Was I hacked?  Was my blog disabled  because GOOGLE thought I had spam or inappropriate content?  Turns out my domain name needed to be renewed and my registration had expired.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this in time so some 3rd party hack gobbled up my good name! Then, with the assistance of another "guardian web-angel", LPR, I found a service that was "willing" to sell me my name back, for a few hundred dollars.  Whoa!  After a bunch of emails to various google tech desks, I found out all I needed to do was renew the name for $10.  Now I "own" two domain names - the one we all know and love, and another at the same name but at a .net address.

Let this be a lesson to all of us, remember to check your accounts and renew your subscriptions on a regular basis.  And don't assume that you can find answers and support easily.  Hmm, sounds like a lot of things in life.


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