DIY Crafting: Window Shades/Privacy Covers

This is a quickie post, to share a little DIY Craft I recently completed.  It only took me a few minutes to make these window shades/privacy covers/light catchers, or whatever you want to call them. It took me a few months to get around to starting this little idea project though! I saw these place mats at IKEA - 4 for $3, and I knew instantly that they would work well as window coverings or as a sort of "stained" glass art-like piece in my kitchen windows.  All I needed was a traverse or tension rod, some French Cafe Clips or curtain clips and a hole punch.  A total expense of under $20.  What I put off buying were the cafe hooks, the traverse rod and the hole punch! Then, when I did buy these items, I forgot how many cafe hooks I needed, so it took me another month to get around to buying more!

Anyway, this is an easy, one-day, less than one hour project.  You can buy these translucent place mats as well as the photo hooks or curtain clips at IKEA for about under 5 Bucks.  A Tension Rod, may set you back another $3 to $5, depending on where you purchase it.  You only need to punch holes in the bottom place mat.  Or just use small rings to join each mat together.  In which case you'll need to punch holes in the bottom of one mat and at the top of another to join them.  Two-Six-Quick.  

Our little window covering will suffice until I can find a pair of stained glass windows to add to these windows.  In the meantime, we have a pretty window and a tiny bit of privacy on the side of our house.  Plus, these birds are just so darn cute and colorful.  What great and inexpensive crafty ideas do you have to share? Please let me know - I'm always looking for new decorating or gift ideas!


  1. Beautiful, clever, and affordable!

  2. Sorry, I don't understand how you made the parchment part. Do you iron it?

  3. Ah! They are opaque place mats with the little bird images printed on them already. I found them at IKEA a few years ago, but I think they still sell them. Because they are opaque they let light in. Sort of a frosted window covering affect!


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