Parties at the Top Gun Abode

We threw and an amazing party at out house, aka, The Top Gun Abode, a few weeks ago.  It was Liz's 40th birthday so the guest list was full of our close friends and family, many of whom have young children.  I made a video of all the photos I took that day, so that I could easily share the images to convey the feelings of the day in a concise way.  It was a very family-friendly party, culminating in the kids all digging in our ad-hoc "sandbox" behind our garage.  Every child that was not an infant, in someones arms, looked as though they had been put to work in the coal mines; all faces were smeared with so much dirt and soot that I'm sure they were all sneezing out dust for days!

Since we moved into the new house, we've been entertaining a lot.  Sometimes are gatherings are small, just with one or two other people.  Other times we've had up to a dozen people over for dinner.  We've always loved to entertain, host dinner parties or just hang out in our patio.  The new house is so spacious that we can entertain many more people that we ever imagined without feeling crowded in any one area. The wonderful thing about the new house is that there are plenty of areas for people to congregate and still feel connect to the happenings.  Or you can retreat to a quieter area to get away from the kids and chaos.  

I liked the video so much and the selections of music that I choose to fit each segment, that I wanted to share it here on my blog.  I know many of my friends have seen this on facebook, but hey, a gal likes to share and brag! This video deserves a few more look-sees!

In fairness to the artists who's songs I used, here's the "playlist":

  1. A Ha - Take on Me
  2. ABBA - Mamma Mia
  3. African Connection - La Go
  4. The Aggrolites - Banana
  5. Annie Lennox - Keep Young & Beautiful


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