A Day's Photos and a Contest

Flower shop Herb Garden in old containers and crates
I saw online that USAToday was a sponsor for a photographic project called A Day - Photos in the life of a day, mirroring the ONE DAY ON EARTH Video project done a year ago.  I'm a huge fan of these endeavors but I've not always had the opportunity to participate. Either I forget, my photos weren't up to snuff, or I found out about the project after it occurred.   Last year the Philadelphia Photo Center did a One Day in Philly Project and I submitted my photo to that contest but didn't get to see the installation.  At least with this project, eventually I'll see the final body of work. Hopefully one of the six photos I submitted will be used. 

Readers of my blog know that in addition to my passion for cooking and biking, I take photos every day.  Liz calls my food photography the oBLOGatory photo.  Nary a meal goes onto our dining table that's not photographed for future blog usage.  I carry my camera or cellphone with me everywhere, never knowing what I might spot but knowing I'll know it when I see it.  When I need to take a breather from work, I'll take a stroll around Rittenhouse Square or even walk further down into Midtown Village, snapping photos of signs, buildings and people along the way.  I almost always find something funky, cool and interesting.  Some of my favorite street art finds have happened during these lunch time meanderings.  Yesterday was no exception, adding more architectural details and street art to my growing portfolio.  

I encourage everyone to take more photos, even if you think you are not good at taking a picture.  You will get better! You'll discover that you find a rhythm and theme to your endeavors.  You may even meet someone fun or interesting.  If nothing else, it may bring you joy; it will certainly give you a creative outlet.  

These are my other photos in for a day in the life of May 15, 2012.  Two of them are my favorites and the rest are just part of my "style" of what I like to document.  

I'd love to know what you think, what images you like to or want to photograph. Leave me a comment.  Random lucky commenters will win a print of a photo of your choice!

Diebold Depository - an old bank night deposit box. Soon to be a relic of a bygone era

A bit of Street Art, done in the style of Shepard Fairey's "OBEY" Star Symbol. I'm guessing this was done by my friend DASH.  I love the reflections of the building in the glass.

Social Media Messages - getting the word out anyway they can

A collaboration of Philly area street artists/graffiti artist

Toasty and a Chill M&M Man - more local street art

Lance and Walter - employees at the Union League
This is my favorite of the bunch.  It's the photo that when I took it, I knew it would be the photo I was hoping to take.  I've also used it in my 100Strangers.com project.  It's my 26th photo in the series for the 100 Strangers Project.   While walking along Broad Street at Sansom, I passed the Union League Building, a grand gem of a bldg near City Hall on Broad Street. I was thinking of the irony of the building's creation, purpose, and its relationship to America today. It was built by the Union to support their  efforts during the civil war.  Today it represents the Republican party, monied old men and the GOP power players of Philadelphia. It does not freely welcome minorities, women or anyone left of center.  As I walked by, admiring the bldg and shaking my head, I saw Lance (left) and Walter (right/bearded) standing on the upper balcony, taking in the view.  I doubled back, smiled and chatted for a second or two and asked for to take their photo.  They thought I was a tourist taking photos, but when I told them I  live here and I love to take photos, especially of Philly landmarks and interesting Philly folks, they were more than happy to oblige me.  True gentlemen and proud employees of a venerable (yet conservative) institution of Philadelphia.                    
A spot of tea at Le Pain Quotidian
This is my 2nd favorite photograph of the day.  There was something so modern and foreign about this shot. The old weathered table, the French-style cup and teapot, the reflection of the city in the store's window.  It was a composition waiting to be documented. 
Another Night Depository Box - look around, these are everywhere!

May IS BIKE MONTH! And that means more biking for me!

Speaking of relics from the past: an inoperable phone booth and a bottle of coke

Williams Way Center Decorated with Pride

PATCO Station. I love these commanding signs, the geometric patterns and the point of view
Like what you see? Would you like one of these images for your very own? Leave me a comment and tell me what you like to or want to photograph if you could.  I'll send you a print of a photo of your choice.


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