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On Sunday, February 19th, I joined about 50 other photographers, all members of a photo website host called Flickr.  I've been using this website for over five years and in the course of this time I've never had a chance to meet any other local photographers face to face, camera to camera.  I follow a lot of people's work and I've become "acquainted" with a lot of artists over the years but we don't know each other in the real world.  Except for having met the Street Artists who's work I document, this organized Meetup was the first chance I had to interact with other local Flickr folks.

I was worried about the upcoming adventure - having to make my way into Center City Philadelphia with my 2-year old son, Nate, on the train and taking him in his stroller.  He and I are intrepid travelers and have done many walkabouts on our own but I've not taken him to the city via public transportation before and I've never done a photography tour with other people.  The walkabout didn't scare me alone, I'm an old city walker, cyclist, bus, train and subway traveler, but not so much for my little man!  I was also a bit intimidated by the thought of meeting other photographers who have better cameras, a more interesting view point and who might not be encumbered by having to look after and maneuver a child in a stroller.
My worries were premature.  Sure, it was hard to walk, talk, push a stroller, sight see, take photos and still have my wits about me.  It wasn't my best ever photography day but I WE had an amazing day and met a lot of wonderful talented people.  We weren't able to spend the entire day with the group.  We did manage to walk through the Reading Terminal Market area and into Chinatown.  I ran into Albert Lee, aka, Mr. Philadelphia and shared with the group organizer his information.  I might not have taken the most original and best shots but I did get ideas and there are a few photos that I took with which I'm pleased.  I won't win any awards but we had a fun time and Nate I took and adventure that has given me confidence to do more trips into Center City.

Herewith is a small sampling of our day out with the #PhillyFlickrMeetup.  A full perspective can be found at the Flickr Sight here at this link.  My Flickr Photos are also here at this link as well as in the badge/banner along the right hand side towards the bottom of my post page.  Enjoy!

A concrete park across the street from the Reading Terminal Market.
This was the meetup sight for the Flickr Group.

I like the way this photo makes the owner of this very nice camera look thoughtful
even though you do not see who she is.

So many of the photographers on the meetup brought along
many cameras.  This gentleman was very nice and had an impressive
array of cameras.

Jorj and his son Jacob.
An inspiration for what the future might hold for my Nibbet!

Patrick - a most charming and sweet fellow.  He walked along with me during my time with the group
He also became my photo of the day - allowing me to take his photo, which I then added to my 100 Strangers Project.

The Philly Flickr Meetup Group as we headed up 12th Street and into Chinatown

Business hours include closing every Wednesday!

A bit of the old world still exists in this very interesting and teeming town

Most occupants of Chinatown do not want their photos taken.
I managed to snap this before I realized that taking photos of the local inhabitants isn't ideal

Chinese - Littering/Dumping will cost you $300 Bucks, American, even in Chinatown!

Throw-back signage from an old - OLD Chinese Restaurant
House of Chen.  It's one of the original places in Chinatown.  I remember if from my childhood

Graffiti is everywhere - as is street art. 


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I'm sure Nate enjoyed the sights and sounds. What a great way to meet new people. I'll have to start posting to Flickr. I always just use Google for hosting my pics. But I'm not getting any potential dates that way.


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