An Evening of Cocktails and Dancing

Well, how's this for an unexpected and unusual night out?  We received an invitation, on a SATURDAY NIGHT to to a cocktail party and social dance lessons in Center City, Philadelphia.  While this may sound normal to some people, for us to have an invitation to do something on a Saturday night,  two mom's with a 2 1/2 year old boy, going out on a Saturday night sounds like a dream!  I didn't care if I'm an awkward, two-left-and-and-clubfooted mess, I wanted to go out, have a cocktail and socialize!

Our friends, Astrid and Roger have been taking dance lessons for almost a year now, at Society Hill Dance Academy.  They won a party, an evening out at The Society Hill Dance Academy for 20 of their friends - a cocktail party with a bit of dance instruction.  Had the party been hosted by anyone else, people with whom we don't adore nearly as much, I doubt we would have attended this event. That would have been a shame too because this was a swell party, a little something different to spice up the evening.

Roger and Astrid's excellent dance instructor, Kate, was charming and inviting; she helped us all feel relaxed and comfortable enough to dance.  We started out with the Tango and Kate wisely taught us to step in time with the letters to T A N G O, in a slow-slow-quick-quick-slow manner.  No one fell and broke a hip and none of us hurt our dance partners by stepping on any feet.  After a short interval, another glass of Proseco and a nibble of Manchego, we lined up again for a Rumba lesson, a basic box step dance.  This was a bit trickier as the count didn't depend on remembering to step along the letters of the dance. It was more difficult to maintain the proper dancer's hold as we moved with awkward grace around the dance studio. Our shared laughter kept the party lively.  We ended the evening doing a quick merengue dance, learning the basic march movements and hip swivel.  I felt right in step with this kind of dancing. Good thing I didn't have glass of Proseco and a few more hours with the baby sitter or else I would have salsa'd and merengue-marched Liz up the road to one of Olde City's dance clubs! 

Now I'm smitten with the idea of taking dance lessons.  I can see that it would be good for us as a couple, building confidence, adding an element of sociability to our parental routine, a sprinkle of spice to our lives.  You can exercise, spend quality time together even rekindle a romantic spark as you build trust together in the shared learning experience.  What couple couldn't stand to add those elements into their relationship?


  1. It sounded like fun! I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. I've been trying to get Dave to do this forEVER and his ego can't stand the thought of looking like a fool.
    DO IT!

  2. Thanks for the great shout out! I had a blast working with everyone on Saturday and I hope you'll all drop in again soon.

    Barbara, I have great success in convincing husbands that dancing is not as terrible as they imagine. Give me a call and we'll set up a lesson :)


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