Cool Finds: Clorox Wipes, Brita Water Bottles & Glad Salad Containers

Came home to discover a package in the mail today - a bunch of great items back-to-school essentials were delivered to me courtesy of DailyBuzz Moms, the Tastemaker program and blog site that's part of FoodBuzz, my blog advertiser.  Who doesn't love coming home to goodies and gifties?  I sure love 'em!  I had been waiting a few weeks for these to arrive and was about to give up hope when these arrived.  I knew about the Clorox wipes, a necessity in my house in the kitchen and bathrooms, but I wasn't sure what the Glad Lunch to Go containers were going to be and I sure didn't expect to find this smart water bottle with a Brita Filter.

Most people might not get excited about cleaning products and lunch box gear, but I have to tell you  - these are the sorts of things that I love (aside from finding great street art, donuts or candy!)  It's the little and simple things in life that please me.  I've already put the Clorox wipes to good use, cleaning up a basil oil spill on the kitchen counter.  I was straining my basil oil from the basil puree through a fine mesh strainer into separate containers.  Somehow, even though I was being very careful, I had a bit of an anti-freeze coloured oil slick on the counter.  I'm becoming a more of a neatnik around the house these days as we have just listed our house for sale.  The City Gals are moving to the Country.  Or rather, we hope to go over the river and cross a bridge to South Jersey, specifically, Collingswood, NJ.  It's imperative that we keep our house as neat, clean and clutter free as possible now that we'll have potential buyers coming over to have a looksee at The Bicycle Chef's Kitchen.  Gotta keep it neat and tidy.

As for all the uses the Brita Filter water bottle and Glad Lunch to Go Containers will get, I've got ideas teeming in the old noggin.  The water bottle is great since I can take it to work and fill it there and have fresh tasting water instead of Schuylkill Punch.  I usually take a water bottle to work filled with filtered water; having this bottle with a built in filter will allow me to drink more water every day, not just what I carry.

The Glad containers have a built in salad (or dip, hummus, salsa, guacamole, peanut butter & jelly, etc.) holder that you can fill then snap onto the underside of the lid.  I'm bringing one to my co-worker, Phyllis, she should get a lot of use out of this clever idea.  She has a salad for lunch every day and she brings her dressing in an old plastic pill bottle!  I'm always teasing her about this and for her bringing hummus wrapped in a bit of tinfoil.

I've been looking for some sort of self-contained dressing and salad lunch kit and this Glad Container will fit the bill for both Phyllis and me.  As my little Nibblet, Nate, who's now playschool age, is ready to take his lunch or water bottle to school, I'll have extra lunch box goods for him to use.  Liz should be able to take salads or left-overs to work and have a "picnic-meal" for her lunch or dinner just like The Bicycle Chef.  Great finds in the mailbox today, and great finds to be put to use for tomorrow's lunch.  Thanks DailyBuzz Moms and Clorox!


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