Cool Finds: Beer Cozy

Nate and I did a walkabout today through South Philadelphia, checking out urban public and private gardens.  It was a tour organized by the South Philly Co-op, to raise funds for their food co-op, to bring awareness to the area and to showcase the most innovative and imaginative gardens and urban farms in the South Philadelphia region.  I have a post and lots of photos to come all about our adventures today but I wanted to highlight a find I discovered today along the way.  It has nothing to do with the tour but it was a find I came across because of the tour.  

Our wanderings took us across Broad Street to the 15th and Mifflin Street area.  As we headed over there, Nate in his stroller and me in my walking sneakers, I realized that we'd be passing near to Cafe Ultimo, Philadelphia's best Brew Boutique, coffees and bottled beers.  I took a side trip to the cafe to enjoy a macchiato and a savory scone (the espresso was full-bodied, smooth, rich, flavorful and velvety; the scone was buttery and nutty with hints of herbs and vegetables.)  

As we were heading over to the outdoor garden in the 16th and Hicks Street Block, I notices two girls with a stash of crocheted/knitted items.  I stopped to chat with the girls, Jennie and Liz, and asked them if they were part of the yarnbombing crew around the City.  They said, no they weren't and we had a laugh about that as they clearly knew my reference.  Our chitchat meandered, much like my walk, here and there.  I asked them what the items were and when Jennie told me they were beer cozies, I got really excited.  We talked about places to sell them, with me suggesting my favorite store in the neighborhood - Nice Things on Passyunk Avenue.  As our conversation went on, I realized that I needed to show my appreciation of her  craft work, so I bought two, for 5 bucks each.  I love them!  Used them tonight and they kept my sweaty beer bottle from dripping all over my table and me.  The beer stayed cool longer even though it wasn't in an insulated cover.  Quite a find.  Jennie, Liz, if you are reading this, please send me your info and leave a comment here!  I'd love to buy more and to have others enjoy your cozy as much as I am!  Cheers!


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