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As a food blogger with an advertising sponsor, FoodBuzz, I get several offers to opt into per month for new products.  I don't always choose to enter my blog into the offers; some things don't interest me and others aren't in keeping true to my blog's varied mission.  There have been items I'd wanted to try but haven't been selected.   There have been things that I have liked allowing me to taste-test breads, cereals, coffee, Asian seasonings, dip mixes and chocolates.  This past month  I was offered a chance to opt into the Kodak Gallery Photo Book Maker online service.  I "won" the opportunity and was given a free, medium hard cover photo book with 20 pages to fill with either one image or several, with or without text.  This is a non-fattening product very much in keeping with my blog mission of Food, Photos and Recipes!

The thought of making a photo book is a daunting task for someone who takes photos every day and has an online photo server host with over 6,000 images from the past 4 years of my photography life.  I decided that the best book for me to make would be to choose only my best food photos that I have on my current home computer.  Making the book into a food photo portfolio  narrowed down my photo cache to less than two years worth of photos on my current computer, whereby the photos were taken with one of two of my digital cameras. My food styling eye has improved immensely over the past year, really since I purchased my Nikon L110 camera and started to photograph food and recipes I've made in natural light whenever I can.  

Working with the Kodak Gallery website was so easy!  I was worried this project was going to take days and hours, the Kodak website and templates made my photo book project come together nearly instantly.  Receiving the final product was almost as quick too.  I finished my upload on Tuesday night and received my book this evening!
Viewing the book in your hands and not as a preview on line is to see your creation come to life.  Even these photos of my photo book do not reveal how high quality the Kodak Gallery Photo Book is in person.   I'll brag on my own self here for a moment more - my food photos, in this book look like they've come from the pages of Sauveur, Martha Stewart LIVING and the best of Gourmet Magazines!

Now I'm hooked!  I want to make more of these photo books with recipes added to make this a true food portfolio.  If I had more time, I know I could have written or uploaded  the accompanying recipes and stories.  Look out for The best of The Bicycle Chef blog in print!  Hmm, the ideas are brewing.  I see a recipe book in the works with copies being given away here in the near future.  

As for you and your future prize, Kodak and FoodBuzz are offering to you a chance to make your own book for 40% off!  Simply click on this link here and go to the Kodak Gallery Photo Book Maker website and start your project today.  The offer is good through August 31, 2011.

Love your food, love your photos and leave me some love too!  The Bicycle Chef Love's Comments!  Tell me what you think of this book, and if you make your own, show me or tell me about it!  And don't forget to use the 40% off code and link, you only have until August 31, 2011 to take advantage of Kodak & FoodBuzz's offer.


  1. What a great use for one of those books! Pics look great!

  2. Blogger has a little blurb that comes up sometimes when you post that offers a "Blog to Print" option. So I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, either as a gift or as a marketing tool for my book ideas. You've got me thinking I really ought to (finally) work on this.

    Can't wait to see your book, it looks so enticing!

  3. Even the pictures of the pictures are fabulous. It looks like a $60 coffee table book. Isn't it amazing what can be done now as a one off. Once upon a time you would have had to print 500 copies and it would have cost you a fortune. So many good new things in this world of technology we've found ourselves living in today.

  4. Update - September 19, 2011. Just got an email from the folks at Kodak Gallery. They liked the book and post so much that they are featuring it and my blog on the Kodak Gallery Facebook Page! Wow! Thanks Kodak!


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