Pizza Ideas: Fig Jam & Goat Cheese and Fig Jam with Chicken & Fontina

About a year ago, I had the most amazing pizza at Dock Street Brewery in West Philadelphia.  It was fig jam, rosemary and I think, a combination of blue and fontina cheeses. I'm not sure if it was the company, the amazing beers, a day out of the house in the middle of winter where I had the chance to go biking, or the combined camaraderie of meeting new biking friends and sharing some good food and drink.  The memories of that day are tasty.  I came across one of the photos the other day and suddenly had such a "woolie" or yen for fig jam that I had to make a batch of my savory balsamic fig jam in just so I could make these pizzas.  I needed to find figs but fresh figs are not in season.  I had to settle for using dried figs but the recipe and technique are nearly the same as when I made the jam this past September.  Click here for the recipe.  Or you could go and buy a jar of fig jam from DiBruno's, Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma, or other specialty store near you.  Naturally, I prefer to make my own.  As for the pizza dough, I've written several posts about my famous grilled pizzas.  You could click pizza on my tag cloud, which will take you to all of my pizza posts, recipes and ideas and photos.  Tonight's pizza idea are  simple.  I made two different pizzas, though all the ingredients would be great on one pizza.

Ingredient List:

  • 2 Medium Pizza Doughs - Grilled on both sides (or use pre-cooked pizza shells)
  • 3 to 4 ounces Goat Cheese
  • 1/2 Cup Fig Jam, feel free to use  more for each pizza
  • 1/2 Cup Grated Fontina Cheese
  • 1 Cup Shredded or Chopped Cooked Chicken
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Olive oil - to spread on pizza dough


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Prepare a sheet tray - by sprinkling cornmeal or flour on the surface
  3. Lay your pre-cooked or pre-grilled pizza dough on the sheet tray
  4. Brush the dough with olive oil and season with a pinch of salt and several grinds of black pepper
  5. Spread the fig jam over the pizza dough - to cover the entire surface
  6. Top with crumbles of goat cheese on the one pizza
  7. Top the other pizza with the chopped or shredded chicken, then top with the grated fontina
  8. Bake each pizza until the cheese is melted, bubbling and beginning to brown slightly - about 10 minutes.
  9. Cool for 3 to 5 minutes before cutting.


  1. Because i have ZERO control with dough/bread/pizza etc, i use pita bread as my pizza crust so i can eat the entire thing and not feel guilty about it.

    your pizza, had i made it myself in its entirety, would likely have been devoured all in one sitting lol. then i would hate myself because i would be sick on pizza belly. LOL

  2. Good god this sounds luscious! I am so trying this at home.


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