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There are a lot of big changes going on around this blog. The first big change is I've purchased my own domain name for The Bicycle Chef.  You may have been redirected to the blog and perhaps there was a message that came up with the new address.  The name, which is my brand identity, is staying the same.  I'm hoping that the blog will be easier to find and follow, as well as making the blog address a little less wieldy.  For here on The Bicycle Chef address is  Seems that a run-on-together thebicyclechef name has already been taken. 

Behind the Scenes:  I'm adding pages and making some behind the scenes changes.  In the works is a page dedicated to indexing all of my recipes I've posted.  I'm not sure how I'll be doing this huge project but I'm sure as I learn, make mistakes and figure out things along the way, the page will become an extremely useful tool for all of us.   I've already added a few pages, such as how it all begain, a how to  contact and follow me.  Check them out, the pages are over to the right of the blog posts.

Happenings & Ideas: I have many blog post ideas that I'm working on - contests and give-aways, interviews, art postings, guest bloggers.  I also hope to be a guest blogger at other sites. Would you like The Bicycle Chef to write a healthy recipe at your blog? Need triathon advice? Want to know where to bike in Philly?  Just ask me!  You can contact me at
Networking: The Bicycle Chef has joined a network of bloggers called The Blogstress Network.  The creators of the Blogstress Network want to connect our blogs, content and resources with  fabulous women bloggers in and around the Philadelphia and Tri-State area and branch out to the blogging world.  It's easy to join - head over to this page and FOLLOW The Blogstress Network, and while you are at it, FOLLOW The Bicycle Chef too!  You can also follow us on twitter - you can find me on Twitter via @neenyd.  The Blogstress Network is on Twitter via @blogstress.  We are also on Facebook. Click on these links to go to our Facebook pages and "Like" us  The Bicycle Chef  and The Blogstress Network  

We had our first coffee talk get-together this week, some of us meeting for the first time in the real world.  I met Doreen from Style Maniac; Denise from Fashion Plates and Dirty Dishes; Barbara from Zero to 60 and Beyond; Lee from Madness Mom and Me; and my good friend, LeAnne joined us, with great ideas from her blog, Tinsel and Tine.  We traded business/blog cards and we shared great ideas for new cards.  We shared a plethora of ideas and made some blogging, creative and artistic goals.  To say this gathering was an inspiration is an understatement.  I'm brimming with ideas, many of which I'm implementing right now; other ideas, as I wrote, are in the works.  

Comments & Feedback - I love comments so leave me some!  I want to hear from you, learn from you and know who you are.  If you have a blog, let me know, I'll read it, comment and even follow you!  We're a community so link together!  After each blog post, there's a small box where you can write a comment.  It can be as simple as "Nice Post/Photo/Recipe!" or even more in-depth.  I know the readers are out here - so come on out and say hello!  


  1. Checked out your Flickr page. It's great that you're always out and about with your camera, or do you take the pics with your phone? With my new blog Book of Hours ( I'm going to have to have my camera with me more often, cause my phone camera sucks.

  2. Great to meet you last Thursday. Love your blog!

  3. I will definitely be asking you to guest post on the new blog! Glad you joined the network.


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