Snow Dazed and Crazed

I'm tired of the snow.  We all are.  I know we don't have nearly as much snow as last winter, or at least we didn't get as much snow from any one storm but we still have too much snow and it's too darn cold.  I can't ride or walk to work. Driving is difficult.  The second car we have, (my 91 year old grandmother's 17 year old Ford with 45,000 miles on it) is plowed in and won't be moving until a good thaw comes along or the warmer rains melt some of the icebergs.

This isn't my bike, it's one on my street.  This is what we're dealing with on a weekly basis, everything is flocked or iced over.  My bikes are inside, dry and safe.  The road bike's been in the basement for months; I can't remember the last time I went biking but my mid-section sure does!  The spring thaw cannot come soon enough.  I'm hoping to be out on the road by the Ides of March or day light savings time, which ever is less icy and won't leave my toes frost bitten.  I'm sick of giving SEPTA my money for a one mile ride that takes me 15 to 20 minutes to walk to and from and an additional 20 minutes of slow commuting.  My 2 mile commute only takes me 10 to 15 minutes on the bike.  I miss these small rides, they are my personal victory ride over driving or spending money.  I could put that 2 bucks towards a La Colombe cup of coffee or a Macchiato. 

Now if we could just get up our street safely.  It doesn't look like this anymore, it's icier, dirtier and just plain uglier these days.  Word is with the next storm blowing through, we'll have more snow covered in a thick layer of ice.  Just what we really need.  The bright side, only 13 more days until pitchers and catchers.  Go Phillies - I mean, it, go! Go and bring us the warm spring weather and the hopefulness that Baseball Season brings to my psyche each year.


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