Healthy and Tasty Meals - what to pack for breakfast & lunch

Each January, I like so many other food writers and Weight Watcher devotees, make plans, vows and resolutions to eat healthy and clean.  Then the weekend comes along and it's back to the burger, fries, pizza and ice cream.  It's so easy to lose your way and get off track.  Packing my lunch every day gets boring and old real quick.  Heck, I'm practically out of good recipe ideas for blogging. Do you think I have anything new to share if I can't inspire myself with my meal choices?  So I'm rethinking my cooking and am about to streamline my ideas, keeping them simple and more option friendly.  Think mix and match.  Easier food prep, less ingredients and more fruit and vegetables.  

Here's what's in my lunch box for my meal tomorrow:  Breakfast - Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with fruit and whole grain cereal.  I love the FAGE (pronounces fayee).  I'll pair it with blueberries, grapes and orange/clementine segments, topped with some cereal like Kashi Hearts (sort of crunchy, sweeter, heart-shaped Cheerios.)  My lunch is a mixed salad of butter and spring mix lettuces, diced cucumbers, Fuji apples, carrots, some salad seasoning and a handful of nuts like pumpkin seeds and roasted almonds, with either a non-fat vinaigrette or a low-fat dressing.  On the side I have tuna fish with shredded carrots and hummus.  I use the lowest fat hummus I can find.  Good brands are Trader Joe's tahinni free, or the roasted red pepper dip hummus.  A sprinkle of celery seed and some freshly ground black pepper.  For an afternoon snack, I have some apple slices, carrots and low-fat cream cheese with a side of multi grain water crackers.  I'll have my coffee with skim milk and a large bottle of water.  Nothing complicated or difficult to make.  It's food I want to eat and don't mind eating several days in a row.  The thing about salads is you have to mix up the textures and tastes.  Sweet, crunchy, soft, and a variety in each bite.  Watch out for the hidden calories though, junky white pastas, full-fat cheese and dressings, preservative, salty fatty meats.  Just because it's a salad a) it might not really be healthy and b) it doesn't have to be boring rabbit food.  


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