She Swims, She Bikes, She Runs, She Mentors

Me and My Mentees - with me in the center, from left to right: 
Martha, Linetta, Carrie, Patricia, Sharon, Lisa and Jen

I had several of my mentees, and two of my mentees' friends over to dinner tonight, in pre-celebration of our triathlon tomorrow.  It's been an absolutely amazing experience being a mentor and trying to get into triathlon shape for this, my third triathlon event.  When I entered into this program I had no idea what I'd get out of this other than wanting to motivate myself via motivating others.  What I got out of this was so much more.  Inspiration, motivation, a desire to share and teach, and friendships.  The thing I'm so struck by this year as in past years is the camaraderie that exists in women-only events.  We come to this athletic pursuit for many different reasons but the end result is that we all want to finish the tri and finish doing it with our best effort.
I've learned patience and how to be supportive.  I've learned that you can do something great even with limited time and resources.  I've learned that by my offering advice consistently and constantly putting offers of support, workouts, and training ideas out there into the Internet great unknown did make a difference to my mentess, even if I didn't meet them or get email responses back.  So it is with a great sense of accomplishment that I post this photo of a few of my mentees and say thank you to all of you who were under my mentorship.  You are an amazing bunch of women, strong, confident, determined. Rock it Sunday! 


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