A blessing in disguise

A funny thing happened the other day on this blog, I received a comment from someone asking me for a "blogger's interview."  Naturally I was intrigued and flattered.  So I clicked around on a few links and found a site called Blogger Interview.  It's pretty neat, as they feature and promote hundreds of blogs in countless categories.  A blogger's emporium so to speak.  The catch, getting people to vote for your blog, so you can win prizes and generate advertising.  I was, and still am, a bit skeptical about this forum, but if I can get more readers and interest in my  photos, recipes, biking and triathlon tips all the better.  Here's the link to my interview.  Read on and vote for me - hey you never know we could all win something.  By the way, my offer still stands - if you become a follower of my blog by clicking on the "Follow My Antics" button to the right sidebar, I'll send out some cool swag to a random person once I reach my 25th follower. Cross my heart, for real, no lie, not strings attached...


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