On the Road Again

Now that Spring is REALLY Here, both in temperature and true season - let the biking and training begin!  It's time to not only step into spring, but to step back into shape for the upcoming season.  My biking buddy, Sue S. sent out a biking SOS yesterday, reminding several of the biking crew that April is here and the weather's cooperating, time to get dust off the bikes and our asses back on our bike seats (hoist, groan!)  I got in a quick ride this afternoon, a pre-training ride to help me get my head back in the game and my endorphins pumping.  Both will help me shed that winter depression and the now almost 10 pounds I gained in this awful off-season.  I'm officially in "training" mode for the 2010 SheRox Triathlon and I'll be a mentor to several women for it, so I have to get my sports act together, not only for my own sanity and sake, but for the sake of the women I hope to encourage and help.  For those of you not into triathlons or sports, do consider taking the time to work out a bit, power walk, swim a few laps, lift some weights or in general, become a bit more active this Spring.  The physical rewards will be wonderful and the mental clarity it might give you will be even more rewarding.  Some of my goals for this season are to, again, finish the triathlon in under 2 hours, beating or at least meeting my time from last year.  I hope to be able to work out as much as my life will allow, but not beat myself up when I don't get in as many work outs as I think I should. Hey, having a baby is such a serious life-change that Nibblet and Liz come first.  I hope to run more this year; I'm considering doing at least one other 5K this season - there's an ALS 5K on April 23rd.  I want to, and will shed the 10 pounds I gained.  I will get back on track with healthier eating and get off the sugar binge I've been having.  I will start writing some more recipes for healthier nutrition options for pre and post work-outs.  And, lastly (but not least) I hope to read more each day, watch less television, and write more each week.  Sounds like some resolutions, but I'm thinking of them more as evolutions and revolutions.  I evolve as I ride more each day...


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  2. Hey there! I hope you are doing well! I love how you call your baby Niblet - so cute.

    Isn't it great how the warm weather is so rejuvinating? Good luck with your races.

    Going to any Phillies games soon? We just bought tix for the Met/Phils game on May 1. I want to try to get to a few before I'm due in July!

    Hope all is well!

  3. Hello! I'm due July 28 - time is flying.

    The only game we're going to so far is May 1. Will you be there?


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