Good News Stories

News Item #1 - in case you don't read our other blog, Nibblet News, the blog about my son, Nate; I became his official second parent/mother on Tuesday.  Liz and I had our adoption finalized at Family Court, tying us together in the eyes of the State of Pennsylvania as a full-fledge family.  We may not be able to get married under the laws of the USA, but goshdasit, we can have a baby together!

Real News item #2 - The Mystery Knitter, or Tree Sweater and Bike Rack Cozy Knitter has been revealed!  An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday morning describes the young woman who has been putting sweaters on trees in and around Rittenhouse Square, as well as sweaters on bike racks and knitted flowers on utility poles.  I've been spotting and photographing these finds for several months now, becoming obsessed with my next find.  Now that the mystery has been solved, I'm a tad disapointed to know the final answer.  There was something fun and tantalizing about the unknown artists behind these urban street art "yarn-bombings."

News Item #3 - I will be doing my third triathlon this summer, in the SheRox Triathlon Series, Sunday, August 1, 2010.  I will also be a mentor!  I seriously debated about doing it or not, and even told Liz that I didn't think I would do it this year.  Then I decided to see if I might qualify to be a mentor - helping other women find their inner athlete.  I pays to ask!  I was accepted as a Mentor in this Year's Philadelphia SheRoxTri.  So this year, I get to mentor and assist other newbies to the sport of triathlons.  Good thing I rejoined the gym when I did!  I'll be in serious training mode from here on out, so stay tuned for work-out updates, nutrition information and other biking/swimming/running related blogging. 

News Item #4 - Spring is here!  Found these crocus just in the nick of time before the blooms faded.  The trees are beginning to bud and bloom; cherry trees are starting to burst with candy pink clouds of happiness; daffodils and tulips are popping up brightening gardens everywhere.  I have a five day and then a four day sets of weekends ahead of me for Passover (and my Easter) break.  Yeah, the fog of my depression is lifting.

News Item #5 - My other obsession with found street art and urban art continues.  Every day I find more fun stickers, art installations and other works of the urban art underground.  As I upload my finds to Flickr, I also make more contacts with the creators of these works.  I hope to meet some of these talented artists soon. I've been invited to one of their studio open houses and to a bar-meet up later.  Wonder what these guys will think when they meet me, a 43-year old mother of a nearly 6 month old baby boy?  Oh well, you are as young as you feel!


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