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A contest!  I'm looking to expand my blog and gain more viewers and followers, so I'm proposing an offer to you and your friends - become an official follower of my blog by clicking the subscribe to icon to the right of my posts.  The button is located to the right, under the title, 

Follow My Antics! Subscribe to The Bicycle Chef


You don't need to have a google address, nor do you need a blog or have your identity known to others.  I'm also in the market for ideas and suggestions for posts, recipes, sights or photos you would like to see here.  Questions? Send them to me!  Comments? Leave them! As an incentive, I will be sending out prizes to the 25th, 75th and 150th follower of this blog - The Bicycle Chef.  You should know that as a former employee of Megastore Kitchen Store Mecca, Williams-Sonoma, I'm sitting on a treasure trove of items that I bought or won and haven't used.  Cookbooks, utensils, products, they could be yours for the low, low price of following my blog!  Don't delay, click today!


  1. Good incentive to offer swag! If I had any goodies left over from the Racquet Club, I might would do the same.


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