Odd and Sundry: Final Scenes of 2009

I love wrapping things up, finding the theme and closure to a year. This was a remarkable year in our lives and a decade of memorable events. I'll take the time to do my annual recap or look back at 2009 in another post, as I did last year. For tonight, I wanted to share a few wacky images I found in and around Rittenhouse Square, sight of many of my best photographs. Due to the fact that I work near the Square, I frequent it on a daily basis. Four square blocks that remain the same yet each day, week, month or season, I find something I've never before seen or something to delight my fancy. Today I found:

The Stickman/Robot Tile Skeleton along the 19th Street Side - between Walnut and Locust. He's everywhere and on the Square too.
A dead rat. The only kind of rat, aside from Ratatouille, that I like. The rat's mouth is oddly bright red with blood. My kind of macabre find.
A sweater knitted around a Plane Tree. The colours of the sweater were what originally drew me into the Square today, I could see them from a block away. As I walked into the Square, I noticed that this item was actually sewn and stitched up around the body of the tree. Not sure of the purpose but it does make me view the trees as figures. This long trunk reminds me of a giraffe's neck.
The Rittenhouse Square Hawk is back! Because I went to look at the sweater on the tree, I was also able to spot the hawk that's been hunting in the Square for the past few years. I assumed it was back, it returns each Fall and Winter almost on cue. With the trees bare of their leaves, it must be easier to spot the rats, fat pigeons and loony squirrels running from stash to stash.
From Facebook - a photo collage of my favorite random sampling of the 468 photos I posted onto my Facebook pages. From Triathlons, Cookbook Author Gigs to Snow and our Baby's Birth - this has been a fantastic year for Liz and I. Thanks for reading and following my antics in 2009. Here's to much kindness and love in 2010.


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