Cooking for a Good Cause

We have a massive snow storm in Philadelphia today - the first major snow of the season. We have been covered with at least a foot of snow over the past 15 hours and it doesn't show signs of stopping, but we've got some corn for popping...Today is definitely a day to stay indoors, snuggle on the couch and drink hot cocoa. I'm doing some of that, but drinking lots of coffee instead and enjoying the time at home with our 2 month old son. He doesn't know it, but he's celebrating his first Christmas and his first snow! In addition to enjoying the snow day, I'm cooking for for a men's shelter. I wanted to take this opportunity to promote this worthwhile cause and remind people that it is so important to do whatever you can to help the shelters and food banks. Liz and I have some personal charities of choice that tend to be related to food or children's causes. We like to support Philabundance, Trinity Memorial Church's Winter Shelter, or Manna Philadelphia. As I love to cook and am used to preparing food in massive quantities thanks to my catering and prepared foods background, it's easy enough for me to make a big pot of chili, several trays of baked ziti or a Sunday supper of salad, roasted chicken and potatoes with glazed carrots and dessert. For $50 to $60, you can make a nutritious meal with meat that can feed 20 to 25 people. For $40 you can make several days worth of vegetarian entrees - soup, pasta or chili with sides too.

I know that a lot of charities are in great need this year and you are probably inundated with requests. I'm asking my friends and followers out here to please give what you can. $5 makes a difference. I've linked the three charities I support, if you want to check out their sites. Maybe you could plan on making some vegetable soup - triple it and give the extra's to a local shelter or senior citizen's center. Got that free turkey from the grocery? Philabundance will gladly take it. Manna always needs helpers to deliver meals to the needy and sick. Remember, the need exists beyond the Holiday Season. January and February can be the coldest and most needy months. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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