Christmas Scenes of South Philadelphia

There are some spectacular Christmas displays in my neighborhood, and then there are just plain crazy Christmas window shows. For the past few years, I've been taking photos of the brightest, most outlandish, sweetest, and tackiest holiday displays as I find them. A friend mentioned to me that the people in her area of 1200 Wolf/Jackson Streets are, as a group, keeping PECO in the high profit margin this season. You can see the lights and hear the music from several blocks away. Sometimes those streets and houses are just too obvious. Plenty of people have spotted these homes, no need to further document them for posterity. Instead, I'm opting to showcase a few of the unsung, subtle, or just plain odd holiday displays of 2009. The above photo was found on 11th Street between Federal and Ellsworth. It's a pink flocked tree from the 1960's, decorated with satin Christmas balls. In front is a hairdresser's mannequin head, and the curtains, pure vintage 1960's fabric. Fabulous!
Here we have the gang from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudy, Burl Ives the Snowman, Rudolph's girlfriend, Clarice, and a few Misfit Toys from the Isle of Misfit Toys. Who wants a polka-dotted elephant or a Jack-in-the-Box that whines? Apparently, the owner's of this house. Seems they spent a lot of money at CVS purchasing the limited edition stuffed characters.
This family really loves their classic Christmas cartoon characters. The Grinch, another misfit toy - this time the cowboy who rides an ostrich, and a random penguin.
Rounding out the Holiday Gang, Yukon Cornelius and Herbie "I want to be a Dentist", and Snowman in clothes. I thought snow people didn't need clothes, just corncob pipes and button noses...I actually love this window. It's so sweet and clearly thought out - they added faux snow and lights along with snowflake stickers. Now that's love of the holiday. For more interesting photos that I've taken, check out my Flickr sight here at this link. I'll be posting more over the next week too. BTW, the masthead scrapbook page contains a few of my favorite Christmas sightings from the past few years. The Leg Lamp, is my all time favorite. This is in my immediate neighborhood, at 9th & Moore Street.


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