Food Finds: Taco Flavored Kisses

I've read that Hershey's had plans to develop 100 flavors of their iconic and tasty Kisses for the anniversary of the chocolate bud. Of the 100 flavors proposed, Taco Flavored Kisses is not one of them, but there are about 3o or more that hit the shelves over the past 2 years. Some have been duds (like Cherry Cordial) and others have been instant favorites, making seasonal cameo appearances. In the past month, I counted at least 14 flavors at Target : Regular, Chocolate with Almonds, Chocolate Mint, Truffle Mint, Special Dark, Chocolate Melt-away, Irish Creme, Cherry Cordial, Hugs, Caramel Swirl, Peanut Butter Chocolate and my top 3 favorites: Candy Corn, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Candy Cane. I am hooked. Addicted enough to these three flavors to a) stock up for the rest of the year and b) go online and start bartering and Ebaying for the Fall Seasonal flavors that seem to have disappeared from the store shelves. Their limited edition status has reached its expiration date, sending me into serious "Jonesing" mode.

I have loved Hershey's Kisses since I was a wee lass. My Babcia (Polish for grandmother) always had bowls of them around the house for all the grandchildren. We would use the Kisses, along with other candy like M&M's and candy fruit slices on our Candy Land game board, making the game a 3-dimensional and user-friendly hoopla! When you landed in the gumdrop forest, you actually got a gumdrop, or Kiss or some other sweet treat. On Christmas mornings when we lived in Aldan, Delaware County, the fire company had a Santa Claus come around to the neighborhood. He would deliver little "story books" filled with Hershey's Kisses to kids. Over the course of Christmas morning and through the day, I would sneak and eat practically the whole box of Kisses; hiding the wrappers inside my games and toys, my futile attempt at concealing the fact that I had eaten candy in the morning. Which is funny given the fact that back in those days of the sugary 1970's, breakfast cereals were just a marketing ploy to give kids mainlined sugar and candy in a "Wholesome Complete Breakfast" . Remember those photos on the cereal box with showing the bowl of cereal, whole milk, toast with real butter and the prerequisite glass of orange juice? What a crock. They should have had a photo of a kid with a crazed/dazed sugar high look on his face instead, that is if you could get the kid to sit still long enough for the photo shoot.
Nowadays, I try to limit my candy and dessert intake. I am fully aware of the powerful and negative affects that sugar has on my system. During my first year of Weight Watchers, I ate very little sugar. Aside from the obvious weight loss, the other thing I noticed was how "clear" and clean I felt, especially in my sinuses. Two plus years later, and I'm back on sugar, not a lot, but enough to see and feel a difference in my moods and body chemistry. Loving these new Hershey Kisses flavors isn't helping - but they are so good. Two of the flavors I love are white chocolate with additional flavorings. The Peppermint Candy Cane is white chocolate swirled with red mint strips and flecked with bits of candy cane. Buttery, light peppermint and with a hint of crunch. The candy corn looks like the candy corn colors and the taste is oddly hard to describe. A bit like syrupy candy corn, a bit like white chocolate and mostly just sweet - like candy corn. The pumpkin spice flavor is actually two flavors and textures. The outer shell is most likely white chocolate flavored with nutmeg and cinnamon. The inside of the Kiss is filled with a soft white creamy center. Yummo!

Sorry my friends at Mars - while I still love M&M's and the new high-end chocolates of Pure Dark- my first candy love will always be the Kiss.


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