Found Objects or Random Findings

A new feature - Found Objects and Random Findings. I am a seeker and a finder. I have been my whole life. I also consider myself extremely lucky. I've been lucky in life to have wonderful people be supportive and strong positive influences on me. I've been lucky in love, especially since having met Liz ten years ago. I am fortunate with my jobs, usually working for (but I could write several entries on the bad jobs) wonderful places, with kind and smart co-workers and fair-minded compassionate employers. I've also been lucky in finding stuff - toys, tools, keys, other people's cell phones, id and money, lots and lots of money. If you didn't know me, you might think I'm making up stories about how much money I've found recently. Luckily, there have been eye-witnesses to the money findings. While biking recently, I spied a fifty dollar bill, a fiver and a buck on the street. The Sue's were with me, and I almost caused a bicycle collision but luck was with us - no accident and I left the morning ride $56 richer. About a week or so later, I found someones Blackberry Phone and wallet with cash, credit cards, several forms of id and some signed checks. The owner was lucky too, I figured out how to track him down and he had his belongings back within a few hours. It was a mitzvah kind of day for everyone.
I had been thinking of blogging about some of the stuff I find and then yesterday - Tuesday, I found this odd little object attached to a street sign along 18th Street near Spruce. It is an LED Light, connected to a battery and a magnet, wrapped in black electrical tape. A small label was stuck onto the light, with the words, "YOU ARE FATEBOOK" on the reverse side of the label, FATEBOOKTHESHOW.COM.

I checked the website out later, it's for New Paradise Laboratories new production of a play. I was particularly struck by this tiny object because it was hand-made and actually worked. When you press the battery, the light works. This is the kind of easy gizmo electric circuit stuff that I loved as a kid - I was often making easy light switches and electrical doohickeys out of a common battery, a Christmas light bulb and some old telephone wire. Little toys and trinkets that do multiple things thrill me. Pen knives, Pez, secret compartment watches, all get my juices flowing so to speak. Today - Wednesday, I was walking down 18th Street again, along Rittenhouse Square, and I found two more of these LED Light Advertisements attached to a fire hydrant. It's a sign telling me to blog about my findings! That and it's really good urban guerrilla street art advertising for this play. Keep looking up, down and around you, there's good stuff all around us - money, art, cool ads. I'll be posting about more stuff that I find. I have a growing photo collection of WTF Street Sign Art, Boot Scrappers, Graffiti and other cool Street Art that I've spied around town.


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