Baby you can Drive my Car

Sometime around the New Year, I wrote an entry response to a Q&A information-about-myself -related post. It was a series of questions, both fun and probing, allowing me to find something to blog about and to generate some good ideas and thoughts to share. Two of the questions were "What Did You Do In 2008 That You Never Did Before?" and " What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?" Naturally, the things I wrote the most about were my triathlon experiences and about my lack of driving skills. Consider these musings significant again though with a different outcome. 8 months into the current year and I've completed my second triathlon; learned to swim better, run longer and faster and I'm learning how to drive. Actually, I am on my way to getting my driver's license. I earned my driving learner's permit; I have had several professional driving lessons; I have driven on highways, free-ways and City Streets; I can parallel park, and I am just beginning to feel comfortable driving at 55 to 65 miles per hour. It may seem unusual to many people that a 42 year old woman is just now learning to drive. Fact is, for years I had no incentive or reason to want to learn. Then there were years of my growing driving phobia that consumed me. If if were not for the upcoming birth of our baby, I'm not sure that the real motivation would have ever seized hold of me. Liz, however, would have seized hold of my throat had I not gotten myself behind the wheel and driving soon. A momma-to-be has little patience for her partner who still needs to be carted about. The baby being pushed about in his pram is one thing, but a 42 year old Baby Huey is quite another.

Driving is kinda fun! Now if I could only get over my hesitancy about driving on 676, The Schuylkill and Kelly Drive...I keep repeating to myself, I swam in the Schuylkill, I've biked far and wide, I dropped over 70 pounds, countless morons have their licenses...
Other motivating factors for me are being able to rent a Philly Car Share or Zip Car cool ride; someday driving a vintage classic; perhaps one day having my own car or (g*d save me) a scooter! WhooHoo! "We're going riding on the Freeway of Love in my Pink Cadillac..."


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